The short and sweet answer to this is Yes. We can and do take word files. When supplying a word file it is always worth checking that the page size is A4 and not letter. As Microsoft is an American company their programmes often default to Letter (which is their standard paper size).

So how to check this?
When you have Word open, look across the tabs at the top, the 5th one should be ‘Layout’, click on this then look just below that tab for ‘Sizes’, click on the icon and you will be given a list of standard paper sizes.

I have said yes we can take Word files but we LOVE PDF’s, any printer would much prefer a PDF to a Word file. A PDF seals everything up nicely so there will be no font Issues or missing image links, and yes you can make a PDF from Word when you click ‘file’ in the drop-down list there should be the option to ‘Save as Adobe PDF’. simply click this option and follow the on-screen instructions.