A list of FAQ’s regarding artwork.

What is a Print Ready PDF?

A Print Ready PDF is firstly a PDF! Not a word file, InDesign, Excel file, Publisher file, or any other file. What we are looking for in a Print Ready PDF, is trim and bleed marks. What are trim marks? Trim marks tell us where to trim the job, what size the finished job [...]

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Can you take Powerpoint files?

Let me start by saying that Powerpoint is not a programme I have not had a lot of dealings with, so my knowledge is limited. What I do know though is Powerpoint is designed to present presentations on screen. Now screens bare little resemblance to the standard paper sizes in the UK which are the 'A' [...]

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Can you take Word files?

The short and sweet answer to this is Yes. We can and do take word files. When supplying a word file it is always worth checking that the page size is A4 and not letter. As Microsoft is an American company their programmes often default to Letter (which is their standard paper size). So how [...]

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