If you have done your own artwork and are now ready to send to us, you will need to prepare it for print.


Low resolution images or images copied from the internet are set at about 72dpi which is not suitable for printing. They may look fine on screen, but when printed will become blurry and pixilated. 300dpi is recommended for print. Images must be supplied as CMYK or greyscale NOT RGB. We cannot be responsible for below standard results if you supply low-res images or RGB files.


If you have unusual fonts in the artwork, please either supply us with the font files, embed them in the file or convert them to curves/outlines/paths/rasterize (this can be done in Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and Freehand).

Colour Guidelines

If you are supplying artwork to be printed in full colour (CMYK), please ensure that ALL images, text and other design elements have colours set to the CMYK palette and do not contain RGB or Pantone colours. Similarly, if you are providing artwork to be printed using Pantone Colours, please choose the Pantone references you require and set all text and other design elements to those specific colours. There should be no part of your artwork file still set to CMYK or RGB. We will print your job in the Pantone colours specified in your document unless you advise differently. It is NOT advised to create your artwork in RGB format as this is meant for screen based artwork.


If you want an image or colour right to the edge of your design you MUST include bleed. The bleed should overlap the edge of the design by at least 3mm. Why do printers need bleed? Even if there is only a slight movement within the machine when printed or with the guillotine when trimmed, there could be white strips around the edge of your card if you don’t include bleed.

Crop Marks

If you want to be extra good, adding crop marks is a bonus for us printers! These just show us where to trim. The below drawings should explain bleed and crop marks, but if you have any doubt, please call us at the shop on 01903 53 53 53 for more advice about preparing your file.

File Type

Ideally you need to supply a PDF file. If you are ordering online, you can simply upload it. Otherwise you can save to a memory stick or CD, send it by email (make sure the file is no bigger than 10Mb), or upload it via www.wetransfer.com

Design Clean-Up

Remember here at PEP, we can prepare your file for print for only £15 with our ‘new Design Clean-Up’ service Get in touch if you need to use this service.