What is a print ready PDF?

A print ready PDF is firstly a PDF! Not a word file, InDesign, Excel file, Publisher file, or any other file. What we are looking for in a print ready PDF, is trim and bleed marks.

What are trim marks?
Trim marks tell us where to trim the job, what size the finished job will be. Trim marks should be external trim marks, which means they are on the outside of the trim box. Internal trim marks actually sit on the edge of the trim marks which can be helpfully when trimming by hand. As we trim with guillotine then we prefer external trim marks.

What is Bleed?
This one is harder to explain. I will in due course put up a video to show what I am now going to try to explain.

Bleed is where you want to take text or images off the edge of the page. Traditionally printers could not print edge to edge of the sheet so we print on oversized paper, which in the UK is part of the SRA paper sizes. So if we take an A4 which is 210x297mm the SRA4 size is 225x320mm. This is obviously bigger and it allows us to print with trims and bleed. So if you wanted your picture to go across the width of an A4 (which is 210mm) You would actually make the picture 216mm wide and we would then trim of 3mm of each side, this is the bleed, it bleeds off the edge of the page once trimmed and gets thrown away. So be thoughtful about the positioning of text and images close to the edge of your designs.

Can you take Powerpoint files?

Let me start by saying that Powerpoint is not a programme I have not had a lot of dealings with, so my knowledge is limited.

What I do know though is Powerpoint is designed to present presentations on screen. Now screens bare little resemblance to the standard paper sizes in the UK which are the ‘A’ sizes. So what this means unless you know how to change the slide size to an ‘A’ size then the printing will be a different size as to what you might be expecting.

What is the biggest size you can copy?

We can copy and print from as small as a business card up to A0 which is 841mmx1189mm.

The largest size though is governed by the width of the paper roll we currently use which are 941mm wide by 30 meters long. Now I have not tried to print anything 30 meters long, and in reality, we would struggle to create the artwork that long.

At our Worthing shop in Tarring Road, we offer a plan printing service. We can print or copy architectural plans from A4 to A0 in black and white or full colour.

As always we love PDF’s originals, which you can email or bring in.

Can you take Word files?

The short and sweet answer to this is Yes. We can and do take word files. When supplying a word file it is always worth checking that the page size is A4 and not letter. As Microsoft is an American company their programmes often default to Letter (which is their standard paper size).

So how to check this?
When you have Word open, look across the tabs at the top, the 5th one should be ‘Layout’, click on this then look just below that tab for ‘Sizes’, click on the icon and you will be given a list of standard paper sizes.

I have said yes we can take Word files but we LOVE PDF’s, any printer would much prefer a PDF to a Word file. A PDF seals everything up nicely so there will be no font Issues or missing image links, and yes you can make a PDF from Word when you click ‘file’ in the drop-down list there should be the option to ‘Save as Adobe PDF’. simply click this option and follow the on-screen instructions.

Can I supply my own paper?

The short answer to this is Yes. There is a but coming though, the but is yes you can supply your own paper but please be aware that the paper might not be suitable for our equipment. It is important to keep the paper as clean and flat as possible. If you bought it and it was wrapped, then try to keep it like that.

The other consideration here is if you print is a reasonable volume then the paper might restrict us on how we print due to its size. So it might not be the most cost-effective way for you.

Lastly please note that during the printing process there is wastage. So you will need to supply more than enough sheets of paper to cover the print run plus at least 10%. So if you wanted 100 A4’s printed we would need at least 110 sheets of paper.

What is the difference between Leaflets and Flyers

The difference between a leaflet and a flyer is the material it is printed on.

A leaflet is generally printed on to paper or light card and generally has a bit more information on it. A flyer is usually printed on thick card, somewhere around 300gsm (although I am now seen other companies printing them on a lightweight stock as well).  Back in the day when I first started printing (back in the late 1980’s), we did not have flyers. They are a more modern product which is fantastic for short message regarding promotion or offers. The most popular size of a flyer would be A6 148x105mm (which is a postcard size) and like I say are great for handing out to help promote an upcoming event or offer.

Can I print something from my email?

The best way to get something printed from your email is to forward the email to us. If you send it to info@pep4print.co.uk, then we can print the email or the attachments for you. We can print your documents in black and white or full colour from the size of a business card up to a poster. The cost will vary depending on what you are asking us for but a simple black and white A4 print would cost just 10p +VAT, and a colour A4 would be just 49p +VAT.  If you would like to talk to us then just drop us a call on 01903 641 714

How long will it take to copy my job?

The answer to this question really depends on what and how many you have ordered.

Now if you are after 1 copy of a document from a business card size up to A0 then we can do this while you wait. In fact, we will try to do this to all coping jobs, as long as we have the time and capacity at the time.

Some larger and more complex jobs such as copying court documents for a case, parish newsletters, football programmes, can take up to 3 working days. As always though, if you need something by a set time, just talk to us and we will do our best to meet your deadline.